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Topics include Shoulder, Knee, Hip and special sessions on the Wrist and Foot/Ankle MR with Videos of sports injuries.


Two Printed Workbooks Included Free with the Course:

Free:  “Musculoskeletal MR Workbook” - 91-pages of basic MSK MR Anatomy and pathology

Free:  “Cases in Musculoskeletal MR” - a new a 100-page workbook of cases with discussion 


10 Reasons to Attend Conference 


Special sessions on the Wrist and Foot, includes normal anatomy and common pathology.     

The Finger: Anatomy And Common Injuries

Turf Toe and its many variants

Spring ligament and interesting foot pathology

Causes for Knee locking in athletes

Stener-like MCL tear of the knee requiring surgery

Meniscal tears and Meniscal pitfalls including ring meniscus, oblique meniscomeniscal ligament

Acute ACL tears and associated injuries recently described .      

Ghost Sign in Osteomyelitis of the Foot: sign helps to separate neuropathic joint from osteomyelitis

What’s New in Orthopedic Surgery – what surgery is effective and what’s not


What are the attendees saying about the course:

“I have been to many MR courses and received extensive MSK training during residency. Dr. Renner’s course is the best, his slides are informative and always have MRI correlation. He is up to date and supported by numerous articles. The course size allow it to be tailored the audiences specific need. I am very happy I took this course and would recommend it to anyone interested in MSK.”

Dr. Omid Jafari, Radiologist and active MSK reader, Los Angeles, California 


       “I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Renner's MSK MRI course. Having been to many other Musculoskeletal CME Courses over the past couple of years, Dr. Renner has the best by far in my opinion. This course is not the typical boring stadium-type lectures series. What makes this course the best is the quaint interactive atmosphere in which the lectures are given. This type of atmosphere allows for a more personalized course where you can ask multiple questions and get actual expert practical answers. It's essentially reading with an expert as Dr. Renner goes over his approach to reading MR exams during his lectures. He also gave anon the spot bonus lectures to those who had specific questions such as I did regarding UCL thumb injuries. In addition, there is a great workbook which was an easy read on the flight home and will serve as an excellent reference for me going forward.
       This course has something to offer everyone from the junior attending to the well-seasoned radiologist. Anyone who reads musculoskeletal radiology exams should attend this course! With decreasing travel reimbursements for CME courses and studying for re-certification exams, this course gives the most bang for your buck.
 I am looking forward to attending another one of his courses in the near future!”

Dr. Joseph Mazzie, Director of MSK Radiology, Winthrop University Hospital, teaching hospital for Stony Brook University, Nov 2015.


 "Wonderful lecture series. Dr. Renner has the ability to explain difficult subjects in simple and clear terms. Can't wait for his next conference!"      Frank Prendergast, Pediatric Radiologist, Chicago IL 


  Free for Registrars: Chest Board Review 10 DVDs with HRCT 20-page workbook

  DVD Lectures:  

1.        High Resolution CT: Secondary Pulmonary Lobule  

2.        Disease Patterns of HRCT  

3.        Interstitial Lung Disease Part I  

4.        Interstitial Lung Disease Part 2  

5.        Pulmonary Sarcoidosis  

6.        Tuberculosis: Primary and Reactivation Part 1  

7.        Tuberculosis: Primary and Reactivation Part 2  

8.        Occupational Lung Disease Part 1  

9.        Occupational Lung Disease Part 2  

10.      HRCT and Pulmonary AIDS/HIV 2.      

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